What Is Web Positioning Japan Phone Number List Or Seo?
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When we start working on digital marketing , many questions arise regarding the different techniques and concepts that must be handled in order to make a successful digital marketing strategy. Web positioning or SEO is one of the most important strategies when it comes to having good results in online marketing. What is SEO or Organic Positioning? SEO, for its acronym in English, stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is about Japan Phone Number List optimizing your website for search engines through techniques and keyword studies and development of valuable content for audiences. For its part, Wikipedia defines SEO positioning as “Search engine optimization, search engine optimization or web optimization.

It is the technical process by which changes are made to the structure and information of a web page, with the aim of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. Gianluca Fiorelli, author of the I Love SEO blog and associate consultant at SEOmoz, says that SEO “is not just 'search engine optimization' (we don't optimize search engines), but rather 'search experience Japan Phone Number List optimization.' Users are the main focus of true SEO, and that is something that Google itself preaches to all website owners (not just SEOs).” Another simpler concept, but one that hits the spot, is Japan Phone Number List that of Neil Patel. He assures that “SEO is the process of optimizing your content online.

So a search engine likes to show it as a good result for searches for a certain keyword.” In other words, SEO is the optimization of quality content so that the search engines of the different platforms find you more easily when a user needs to find information regarding the commercial sector where your company is located. [Tweet “#SEO is the optimization of quality content so that the search engines of the different platforms can find you”] SEO history As the years have passed, search engines have evolved. Since when was Yahoo! in 1994, one of the first online search engines, the algorithms on which they work have been modified and it has become that being in the first places of the search results Is Japan Phone Number List a battle between the most strategic. The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was used for the first time in 1997, and that is when work began on optimizing keywords on web pages. Google was born in 1998, led by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and with this birth Page Rank was also created. The Page Rank is the ranking that this search engine uses to measure the "authority" of a web page. That is, the importance that one site has with respect to another. This ranking was public for a long time and Japan Phone Number List anyone could see it through many tools. As of 2016 Google hid it and now only they can see it.

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