Imagine playing NBA 2K and having your teammates slack off w
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Θέμα δημοσίευσης:  Imagine playing NBA 2K and having your teammates slack off w

Unfortunately, the main issues in FIFA 23 have not been addressed. Firstly, man-marking FUT 23 Coins , particularly by midfielders tracking runs as well as defenders having trouble with deciding who to mark while taking poor angles, have not been fixed. While the slider guys are still hard at work trying to improve the game for us, there’s little they can do without an assist by EA.

The community, as always, seems to be split on this. The esports crowd wants everything to be centered around user control and having the smallest amount of assistance, while offline users want a little more help from their AI teammates. Look, I make no bones about it, I’m firmly with the offline crowd on this one.

I have no issue with esports, but I would like the game to reflect actual real footy. FIFA’s not a soccer simulation. It’s more of a card trading arcade game now, which is fine as long as EA gives us the tools to customize the game to our liking offline. What is disappointing is the notion that it’s okay for your AI teammates to basically be bystanders.

Imagine playing NBA 2K and having your teammates slack off when defending. Off-ball help? Nope! Defensive rotations? That’s on you now! Legacy defending definitely helps out in this area, but what often occurs as a result of poor AI is you end up using the second pressure button, which pulls your players out of position and leaves gaping holes for the AI to exploit. There’s no Band-Aid solution for this. If it’s tied to ratings, which is the belief of a lot of folks, the ratings threshold needs to buying FIFA 23 Coins be reduced so that top defensive players like Achraf Hakimi aren’t the only midfielders tracking runs.

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