The majority of man coverages are ideal
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The majority of Mut 23 coins man coverages are ideal when your corners can be competitive against the primary receivers of your opponent. If your opponent is able to outscore wide receivers to your corners, then you might want to consider man or zone defenses that double-up on specific receivers (Double X and Double Z for instance).

Man coverage can also be useful for covering a running defender who is coming from the backfield. Be cautious when choosing your defensive team member you want to keep in control. He could be assigned a specific man coverage task. If you do not comply with his task and let the offense in the open. This is a common occurrence when running back flat patterns, so be cautious. Make use of the coach's cams to check match-up assignments.

Zones should be utilized whenever you feel your corners require additional support. Zone is also a better defense, even though it is a risk in longer passes when defenses remain in their zone , leaving the fast wide receiver to stand against the safety. Zones also provide the greatest chance to intercept a pass, which is common in this year's edition of Madden. Zone defenses are often on the side of the lanes of passing, and force your opponent to consider which way to direct the ball to the player's hands (should I throw either a lob or bullet pass? ).

Madden 23 features a vast assortment of defensive formations, numerous packages and sets. For example the nickel defense comes with its usual variant, a 3-3-5 alternative as well as a blitz option.

The chart below reveals what defensive pattern is buy mut coins madden 23 used in each defensive playbook. Every defensive playbook includes this goal line pattern.

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