Xbox has been so kind as to remaster a selection of them
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Θέμα δημοσίευσης:  Xbox has been so kind as to remaster a selection of them

It's an odd thing to have nostalgia for, but we do remember those old Xbox 360 gamerpics quite fondly. There was the racing wheel, the random doggo and of course, the bubble gum lad, among others. Well, Xbox has been so kind as to remaster a selection of them for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Following the recent Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, it was clear to see that there are plenty of new titles on the way to Xbox and PC owners. A wave of new games landing in players' laps is nothing new for Xbox fans, as they consistently receive new titles every month as part of Xbox Game Pass. While Game Pass shows how Xbox is consistently working to improve its service, there are some elements of Xbox's online package that fans have found to be left behind.

Some of these were as generic as a soccer ball, but others had much more flavor to them. Many even associated the pictures with specific types of players, whether it be marks of toxicity or something else, they had a lot of character to them. Xbox has remade a couple of these classic Xbox 360 era gamer pictures, something that may trigger some nostalgia in long-time Xbox fans. Xbox has remade the picture of the boy with a beanie who is blowing a bubble from his mouth and the cute panda bear, except they've given the panda an Xbox controller this time. It's currently unclear if more remakes of these classic pictures are coming, but it seems likely if there's a big response to these, there will be more.

Xbox has also included a selection of brand new gamerpics in this update, including some Starfield ones and a few others we don't remember from the 360 days. Still, it's those iconic 360-era pics we want the most, and it might just be time for a profile change, we think.

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